Need support? Read this first!

All Sagramore support & bugs related questions go here.

Need support? Read this first!

Postby maever » Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:42 pm

This section is intended for support questions.

  • Your client froze up?
  • You experience extreme slowdowns?
  • Got an error message?
  • You think you found an action that directly leads to a server crash?

Be sure you use the SEARCH function (top right) first before posting.
This to make sure you are not posting an issue that is already reported.

Found nothing in your search query?

We will gladly help you, you should simply post a new topic!
however, for you to make an accurate report we need to know what kind of environment your're working in.
Be sure to include this list of items in every support question you make.

Copy paste and enter the following information please (remove examples for tidiness).

Code: Select all
OS: (windows/mac/linux)
Browser: (chrome/opera/internet explorer)
Browser version: (7/8/9/11 etc)
Country: (united states/The Netherlands/ etc)
Connection: (ADSL, School network, 100mbit fiber, etc)
Location in-game: (Kamenna Village, around the well)
Action: (What were you doing, equiping something, hitting something with certain item, etc)
Version: What is the versionnumber in the on the topright of the chat

Additionally if you help fix a bug of some importance (from our eyes), you can claim a "fixed bug" item ingame.
Fixed bug item
fixed_bug.png (655 Bytes) Viewed 11223 times

Simply contact a Game Moderator in the game or in IRC and he can give it to you.
It has no special purpose other then acknowledging your deed, only handed out by us.
With the sky as our limit we don't stay inside.
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Re: Need support? Read this first!

Postby Sagramore » Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:27 pm

Did you guys give up on this game? All the problems I'm having here in 2014 were reported in 2012!
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