A few bugs (Strike, Aid, quests and monster behaviour)

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A few bugs (Strike, Aid, quests and monster behaviour)

Postby Applebanana » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:46 am

Hello and greetings!

First off, the strike-skill isn't working, saw a thread already adressing this though.
I can also add that once the strike-skill is used, AID no longer seems to cost any mana.

The AID-Skill only seems to work when you are targetting something, either yourself or an enemy. If you change maps you will not have anything targeted as standard, and the skill won't activate.
You then either have to click on yourself or an enemy for it to start working again.

The quest "Cave Exploration" isn't working as intended. I have tried killing around 40 dark doobies, different spawn-locations and killing all 3-4 of them in each location, at the moment my quest-progress is 3/7 groups killed, doesn't make any sense how this number increases from reading the quest-description. I've tried relogging, leaving/entering cave, killed a few doobies and then killed a few little nippys, seems as there's a small chance that the quest-progression will go up from
killing one special dark doobie, which one, sadly, I haven't yet figured out. Needs investigating.

The quest "Supplying the Guard PT2" is uncompletable, since the road to goldrim is blocked off by a couple of rocks. (Content missing im guessing)

Monster behaviour:
Don't know is this is a bug but, the enemy "Little Nippy" is way too powerful for its level... I'm able to down dark doobies, just take a little bit of time, but those damn nippies not only gang up on you, their attack-speed is in my opinion not feacible
to their level, they do more damage than for example Pilp Jr. and those other green grass-looking things, forgot the name. (Can be found in a cave near the NPC that gives redwood-quest)


"The Cheese", I kind of like this NPC, it's my main source of money in this game sofar. Talking to it gives 1 cheese, repeatable until you have say... 200 of em. Sell off to the Stinky merchant (Who is stinky from all the cheese, im sure) and you make an easy 1000f. (Cheese sells for 5f each) Im guessing this shouldn't be possible so im adding the information here.

A few NPCs at the moment does nothing, for example:
Guard (West, on the road to goldrim)
Guard (East, going through the forest to redwood-npc)
Luxury Merchant
Little Tallis
Crystal (Found in cave north of Kamenna town)
Rock (Found in the forest south of Kamenna town, next to Lupin and Doobie)
Lupin (Found in the forest south of Kamenna town, next to Rock and Doobie)
Doobie (Found in the forest south of Kamenna town, next to Rock and Lupin)
Weird spider (Found in the cave North of Kamenna town)

Major functions:
(Not implemented?)Stat-points not working, you don't get any points to allocate on level-up, this means that the enemies will gradually get stronger each level/type of mob, but the character will be stuck at same damage, only influensed by level and weapon used. (Considering there are only 3 weapons available, max attack-power being 6 the damage won't be high enough to handle the kind of damage output the enemies have above level 4.)

Hope this helps, i'll keep this post updated with whatever i find.
(Not much to go on though, hardly any content/quests or items at the moment)

Thanks and salutations!

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Re: A few bugs (Strike, Aid, quests and monster behaviour)

Postby Akatsuki » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:27 pm

Thank you for informing us. I will pass this onto the other developers. Also keep in mind the game is still in alpha and most of these, such as the overpowered monsters, we are aware of.
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