Rainbow Six Siege is Constantly Changing

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Rainbow Six Siege is Constantly Changing

Postby Cszcy » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:10 am


That having been said, it's worth the effort. It's tense and exhilarating and there is nothing else really like it.There's also a free Overwatch occasion conducting this weekend so you have loads of free games to pick from and try out before you buy. Read all about the Overwatch complimentary weekend here. Blizzard's hero shooter is rather a bit more accessible than Rainbow Six: Siege, but honestly while both are competitive online shooters, both games could not be more Rainbow Six Siege Items .

Ubisoft's Response To'Rainbow Six: Siege' Player Concerns Doesn't Go Far Enough

The writer had lately made two errors with the still-flourishing online sport. Firstthey increased the base game's price from $40 for a Standard Edition to $60 for an Advanced Edition. Second, they comprised more loot packs using the Advanced Edition (for new players) than they gave off to veteran players who had been a part of the game's community for years. In other words, old and new players alike were getting a bum deal and the community was up in arms.

Today, Ubisoft announced a couple of changes:The $40 Standard Edition will remain a buy option alongside the brand new cost points.Players who own the game and play an online match between today and March 6th will find an Ash Sidewinder Elite skin at no cost. You do not need to be a day-one veteran to get this.

Ubisoft also says they are working on methods to make the PC-only Starter Edition ($15) better in terms of grinding to get Operators. "We recognize that this was a point of frustration for new players, as well as existing players bringing their friends into the sport, and have been working on how best to make this process more fluid," the developer writes at a Reddit article, although they won't announce any changes before the Six Invitational that runs from Feb 13th - Information at twitter .

This covers the immediate issues with the match, but leaves you big thorn in the side of the Rainbow Six: Siege community: Loot boxes, which Ubisoft added to the game this past year. And with the Outbreak Event, loot packs can't be earned via just playing the game. You need to buy them with actual money.
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