Player-made ship designs

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Player-made ship designs

Postby jennermack » Fri May 04, 2018 10:55 am


So, I myself haven't actually played the game (I'm getting it gifted from a friend on release), but I have watched most youtube playthroughs and I'm really exited.

Of course I, like most people, have started designing my own silly ships (Be them overpowered or not). I drew a few basic designs during math class, and I've now started by taking pieces of existing ships and copypasting the rooms into a new ship, which hopefully will look at least slightly good.

I might post a few images here of my own designs, but primarily I'd like to see what the whole community can make!

So I invite all of you to draw, sketch, or simply explain how you would make your own ship. I could even be a huge ship, with two or three weapons systems (I'm not sure how that would work in game, but basically it would increase by the amount of people that are stationed (where instead of only one person max, there will be three)).

Maybe a slave-trader stealth-cruiser with multiple teleporters? A done ship with five drone bays, but no shields or weapons?

Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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