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Re: Useless items

Postby Fafhred » Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:05 pm

A flying pig as a pet (or mob that keep following you if pets are not possible).
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list of things off the top of my head.

Postby cliviax » Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:15 am

hmm brainstorming out of the box is my specialty.

item name: Sack. use: to keep items in? condition: must be worn on back to take effect. Will increase inventory space by 5? 7? to be decided. requires good strength to lift more weight.

Item name: rock. use: to throw at people. condition: must be used like a potion and will vanish after use. will stun enemy? to be decided. requires strength to throw.

item name: ribs. use: hold ribs like claws in your fists and use as a weapon. will be a monster drop (rare?) requires level 7? condition: will take up both arms/hands (3 on each sticking out like claws)

item name: Lumbchucks. used like num-chucks but with rope and small wooden stump looking chucks on each end of the rope. (can be wood crafted). will require agility and another stat for focus because you have to be well trained otherwise you hurt yourself even in real life.

item name: fang-a-rang used like a boomerang except its was a large tooth of a <insert beast name idea here plz> which has a large tooth at the front. usually found as a drop (rare?) can also be crafted with a stick to turn into a fanged spear.

item name: fanged spear. its a spear with a giant fang as the tip though its shaped like a cresent becuase it was once a fang-a-rang.

item name: doop: slime like object dropped from those green worms at the farm (level 2 at start town) and used as a teaser: you can throw them at npcs and they will react in a grossed out way, some times will run after you and shout funny nick names at you. like lillyrump or doopster boy/girl ect. must have it equipped to use.

glitterbist: gathered from fairy farms, easy to acquire in large numbers. used nothing more than to give your attacks some sparkle for others to see. no combat benefits whatsoever. just for show! 1 glitterbist = 1 swing with sparkles from a sword for example. must have equipped on offhand to use automatically -or- can craft it into the item (will wear off after use and item will return to normal max is 20 glitterbist per weapon).

twig-studded; coif, pants, and vest. basically hides sewn together to make clothing with the optional twigs sewn into the hide on the outside used for novice armor normally for woodmen. requires 20 twigs for the coif, 35 for the pants, and 40 for the vest. all calculated in proportion for the armor's surface area.

skull: you've guessed it! its a human skull! that's not the importance though, the importance is what we do differently from other games with it. obtained by pvp at random chance.
possibilities: (endless)

broxing skulks. (like boxing gloves except you place both your fists inside the pair of skulls (can be used by good mages with good states and can empower them with dark magic of some sort) then you just fight like a melee fighter (is not affected by melee stats cuzz its the skull's reaction to your magic level that gives it its power and then deals heavy damage). negative affect because this is a powerful weapon: cannot pick up items off ground (lets face it, skulls dont have fingers do they? i didn't think so.

skulk staff? for use with controlling evil creatures anyone? must use both hands for full effect? optional use with one hand? stick with a skull on it.

Cumutchke: cute little pet that follows you around like the ones with rabbit ears and no limbs that are level 1 near farm. can be worn on your head for cuteness (sits on your head). pronounced as it sounds (spelled out: COO-MOO-TCH-KEE). eats candy to heal.

RANDOM FEATURE REQUEST: make boys (male) wear red ribbon across their forehead like a commando or something lol. and girls (female) wear it like pig tails as normal. and give option of wearing it on the shoulder too. make a special condition you have to unlock that part though. like for example: have girlfriend/boyfriend feature and they each have the ability to show off their affection by wearing the red ribbon on their shoulders/arms (boys get right girls get left side). it would be part of the social system.

can anyone add on to what iv given? lol id like some constructive criteria.
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Re: Useless items

Postby mr.makabar » Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:01 am

ac batterie: Useless Item
sagramore cup(or other mechadings): useless
pig wings: useless
sword of the doomed wanderer of the lands of sagramore in the godmade rain(or the like): Depandes what it is
Holy Shit!: Useless item
Shakrums Sword: very powerfull sword with special attaks and the like(Shakrum=my char)
Stone of Sand: Sandstone(useless)
Majajabalagalapalaradatataguo: useless(I have no idea that it is)
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Re: Useless items

Postby Akatsuki » Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:11 am

Item: Paint Brush
Description: Just for the looks :) but must be attained after a few, artistic quiz.
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