building and customizing your home (in game) +more

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building and customizing your home (in game) +more

Postby cliviax » Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:43 am

so yeah i got this idea of a concept of how the houses could work as to establishing a foot hold for a home...

you would need to start with nothing... but in order to get something you have to collect items and resources like for instance: lumber, stone, planks, logs, and ect... it would require you to use these as parts of your home... other ideas would be using mud/clay with straw/hay as the roofing just for old times sake. so you would have to dig for clay and get a certain amount and then mold it into walls, walls with doorways, and walls with windows. and what about for the fancy? we could use limestone or marble which would be a bit fancy. these are all just examples we don't need to use all these items word for word we can still make our own or we could be realistic about it. houses should appear small on the out side but have a large interior to be equivalent to your character. so yeah i hope we could add the features and ability to manage every single wall from the flooring inside to the rooftop outside. that would be great. the more customization options the high this game will be rated.

so yeah we should have different styles too and perhaps unlocks for certain quests.

more questions to ask:
should there be different sizeable rooms? more than one room? more than one floor? how would you get up or down? a hidden trap door with a ladder to a cellar and a chest to keep your valuables? a pulley w/ rope and wooden board like an old fashioned elevator? or perhaps just stairs? could there be a spiral stair case and a single tower it goes in for fun? could there be a house that is used as a clan's HQ?

and clan members can help do stuff in it? maybe it wont be a house but be a wooden fort? stone castle? decorative palace? outdoor pavilions in a camp setting?

maybe these clan HQ areas are only visit-able by clan members but there's also a clan sparring grounds like an arena or something?

what if you could instead of an arena actually attack the HQ and deal damage to the fort where you have to repair it afterwords?

what would be the conditions?

would there be options of what your status is with other clans? would there be a toggle to allow these attacks to happen or not?

would npc's be of use in the battle?

how would the event be setup? would members have to enter via sign up like a tournament or would it just be keep joining until the battle ends?

how would you respawn? would it be 1 life then your out? would it be you have to rejoin after dying and returning to respawn? or would you just respawn in the battle? would it be on the sidelines to watch your allies play as a spectator? or would you rejoin and fight again?

how would the winner be decided? time limit while just trying to cause as much chaos as possible? or maybe you want to steal supplies?

would there be an option to set what your soldiers are focusing to gain at the end of the battle? would this display a flashing arrow pointing to the target? what is the target, a cellar ( amount supplies affected)? the clan lord's throne (popularity with npc soldiers affected)? would each target area cause a different negative affect on the attacked clan HQ? would there be a gain/benefit for the attacking clan?

what should the limits be on attacking? is there a certain level to gain before being attackable? or is their a limit based on how strong the clan is? or its rank or reputation or fame w/e?

what can players do in a clan hq for fun other than fight other clans? could they manage specific jobs within the clan like maybe one is the head lumberjack and crafts wood to be made for the clan used to build and upgrade areas in the HQ?

what other question could we ask? (please list them or comment both are appreciated) :)
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Re: building and customizing your home (in game) +more

Postby mr.makabar » Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:37 am

That I think is:
Its logical that you cant build everywhere, thats for sure(build a wall in front of a Questgiver would be unfair. So you surley have to buy/rent land.
How to build
Collecting items and mix them up would be really much work to do(it would be cool, but a lot of work), so I would think that building will not come earlier then a year, if it ever comes
Not privat, its gonna be a NPCArena(if you know that I mean). Or dear game designer has said already that there will be no Player vs. Player in Sagramore
Clan Memebers:
Would be good, if you could choose who can put things into your house and that kind of things, for example:
If XXX put a sword in my house and XXX is my friend, I would have nothing against it, but if he build a wall in my house it would be ****.
If I dont play Sagramore any longer and my ally want to use my house and I have forgot to sell it, it would be also ****
Houses access:
Doors or similar with keys. So for example:
Public=no door; Guildhouse=door and every memeber has got a key; privat house= only I have a key

Thats not offical or anything, but I hope at least logical!

So my questions:
Do we get NPCs for hire(as assistant in a shop for example)?
How do you plan do wide up towns, if to many players are in the game(not sure if needed, but would be cool)?
Will it be possible to build new settlements?
Who will organize all these stuff(if someone build a big as in his garden with plants for example)?
Do we get gardens?(I have asked already)
How important will these future be?
What about shops etc.?
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