You're favorite game of all time?

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You're favorite game of all time?

Postby maever » Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:27 pm

A common topic that always leaves a nice debate.

What is your favorite game and why?

Now the "why" is more important then the name of the game.
Try to describe what elements of the game had the most lasting impression and why this caught your eye.

For me this game is "Chrono Trigger".
For it's era leaving an impressive game that never left me with a dull moment.
The battle mode was refreshing and the game offered a nice set of non-linear subquests and carrrying a couple of plot points you do not see coming.
Next to this the game was fiddled with tiny extra's, not all monsters we're hostile, there was no pattern you could build to it.
Bosses would frequently hide their true identity unveiling themselves through a somewhat comic scene sometimes.
There even was a scene where you fought a boss on the wing of a plane... yet he was afraid of heights and does not attack back... at all....
The 11 different endings are also nice.
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Re: You're favorite game of all time?

Postby Jackeltje » Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:59 pm

My favorite game would be "The curse of Monkey Island" So that's monkey island 3.
What i like so much about it is that the music,story,humor,graphics and adventure all blend in perfectly.
I like all the other Monkey Islands too except for 4, that one was a bit lame.
I have tons of games i like but this is one of my favorite.
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Re: You're favorite game of all time?

Postby Cybermario » Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:43 pm

This was hard for me to decide but if i am to pick one all time favorite that will be a classice NES game called River City Ransom. This little jewel by the now gone Technos was the first in the Hot Blooded series (title for the japanese versions) that continue to have titles released to this day(the last 2 titles for the DS).

This title is considered the greatest beat em up of all time for the NES (yes more than double dragon). This game had amazing RPG elements too, such as grind on enemies to get coins, go back to the stores and buy books to learn attacks, buy food and drinks to increase and boost power, vit and more.

Some of the fantastic RPG elements in the game are enemies actually talk, having text in the lower part of the screen gangsters and bosses could suck you in the story or say random and laughable crap such as "Barf!" right after their death.

The style of the sprites is very similar to that of chibi on anime, which made it very attractive for me when i was a kid, the style of the characters, the story, rpg elements and the excellent beat em up made this one of my all time favorites. Even today i keep my boxed NES game as it bring amazing memories of my best friend and me playing this day after day when we was children.

A picture of my game
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