Upcoming 1.0.1 update

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Upcoming 1.0.1 update

Postby maever » Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:25 pm

I can inform you all that the last couple of weeks have been busy ones.
Now with James aboard we have more time to focus our energy.
James has been walking through the content and helping to generate that MMO/retro feeling.

Upcoming friday we are planning to release: Sagramore Alpha 1.0.1.
This release marks a milestone in our progress, we have rewritten almost all quests and content based on official story written by Alex and Olof (IPARR and Bumbo).
Next to many new features, new character and monster sprites, the quests are now more immersive and objectives are now more varied.

A few of those new features I will showcase here:


New road sign indication, no more popup dialog, now it is simply dislplayed ingame on the sign itself.


New dialog window, the rest of the screen now dimmed and the dialog window is clearly shown with the face of the npc you're talking to.


Ronnie revised our doobie, it now has a lot more detail and really has that "bug" feeling.

Official patch notes will be released this friday when our new content update goes live.
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Re: Upcoming 1.0.1 update

Postby Jackeltje » Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:31 pm

The new update looks great! i'll be looking forward to see it ingame.
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Re: Upcoming 1.0.1 update

Postby ThaMcDonut » Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:22 pm

Nicee :)
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