The perfect day

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The perfect day

Postby maever » Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:17 pm

The perfect day is basically a conversion of the "groundhog day" idea.


You play as X in a 1880 setting, waking up next to a woman. having no memory what happend, who you are or why you are here, the only thing you have with you is a piece of cloth with the words "Today may only be a perfect day...".
You play through an eventful day in the town of Skyer a town blooming with the industrial revolution at it's height.
The Political system is celebrating it's country's 300th year of ruling under the King's dynasty but the working class people have planned to intervene in this celebration with a grand protest bombing. As you progress through the day on your first run you find yourself on the wrong side of a weapon. Yet suddenly waking up again on that same day.
You play the same day over and over, there being only 1 way to end it , the perfect way, you must find your way out of this loop by ending the day perfectly!

Game mechanicos

You walk around a 2D world as you explore it, you cannot take anything with you to the next day except your knowledge.
You must uncover the plot and find out more about the people in the story and thus unlocking new conversational triggers.

[It's an idea in development, I might one day see reality]
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