Chamber of Dreams

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Chamber of Dreams

Postby maever » Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:37 pm

I've had an idea for some time about a project I hope to be able to do sometime in the future.

It's called Chamber of Dreams, its a small abstract indie game that has a play time of a few hours max but many different outcomes.
The game is played across the lifespan of person from childhood to seniority. The game will take place in small cycles in time of the life of this person.


You are a imaginative dream watcher that is awakened at certain time periods (when the stars are right) in the life of the person which mind you watch whilst he sleeps.
The mind of the child is depicted as a house & garden and every room contains parts of the life of this person with memories, puzzles or monsters (bad thoughts locked off by monsters or guardians). You have the options of unlocking (opening up) some memories and answering some unconscious questions the person is struggling with. These questions can indicate troubled memories which you can unlock and influence.

Game mechanics

The Dream Watcher has only a limited time to walk around the mind of this person, he has a power-bar that is filled at the start of every cycle and depletes under normal circumstances (with every action you take) but can decrease faster when fighting monsters. Memories that you "put to rest" reward you with a Memocoin next cycle, which you can use to unlock new options. additionally each memocoin increases your power-bar.

The goal

There is no real way to win or lose, the choices/things you do in the mind will reflect what happens in the real life of this person.
You will see that certain safe choices will result in a more stable life later in life as you begin to learn more about the person in who's mind you watch over.

[will give a more extensive update to the idea should I choose to make a true design for it.]
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