Many consider Fortnite to be an example

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Many consider Fortnite to be an example

Postby Sletrry » Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:16 am

While it's hard to say what this could mean for Fortnite Season 5, buy fortnite items ps4 does appear to be the very first reference to Japan we have seen so far. While other eras of history have appeared -- such as wooden carriages, pirate anchors or references to early Egypt -- this is the first time we've seen something which points to Historical Japan as a possible influence to this year's heavily theorized, but still unconfirmed, time-travel motif.


More to the point, at least for many players, is the possibility that this may tease a kitsune skin unlocked throughout the Season 5 Battle Pass. The very first teases for Season 4 revealed skins that were accessible via its Battle Pass so that it doesn't seem like much of a stretch.

While we probably won't know anything for certain until the season actually starts at 4 a.m. EDT on July 12, we will likely get a few more teasers from the forthcoming days.

Jake Bates sat in his sack inside his Mason home. He wore a headset on his ears and needed a game controller in his palms as he rapidly fired away and changed weapons frequently.The 13-year-old is attempting to master the secrets to success in one of the most popular video games of all time,"Fortnite."

Since he and his mom, Amy Bates, learned that weekend, it's easy for teens to let their guard down when in the middle of intense battles. "Fortnite" players, such as Jake, can talk with others from around the globe.

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