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Rules & Info

Postby maever » Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:32 pm

Ask a NPC

Ask a NPC is a forum created to add more depth in the game and to help the designers and storywriters form the world with more detail.
The questions you ask should then also be of a semi-serious nature.

To keep it civil and get productive usable results there are a few rules.

  • Keep your questions acceptable and constructive (no questions concerning shaving of private areas, strange sexual references, vulgar questioning or teletubbies)
  • You address your question to an NPC with dialog (as most monsters dont talk)
  • Name your topic in this fashion: NPC NAME - Question
  • Only staff may answer questions asked to NPCs, player-replies will be removed
  • After an answer has been provided you may reply in the topic with another question (if its on the same topic or related to)
  • Staff reserves the right to refuse answering or remove your question.

Title: Jenna - Have you ever visited Goldrim?
Asked to: Jenna
Where: Kamenna
Question: Have you ever visited Goldrim? It's nearby and seems a lot more alive then Kamenna.
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